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Ciało, choroba i kicz: melancholijne sublimacje we współczesnej ukraińskiej prozie młodzieżowej

  1. Tamara Hundorowa


Body, sickness and kitsch: melancholic sublimation in contemporary Ukrainian young prose

This paper focuses on the symptom of a “sick body” that symbolizes the phenomenon of dissociation and dis-communication in the prose of contemporary Ukrainian young writers. Homelessness, rupture of generations, autism, and loser’s self-consciousness become the existential modes of being in the works of young writers O. Ushkalov, I. Karpa, M. Brynykh, and T. Maliarchuk. The paper analyses an extravagant character of self-representation of their heroes and shows how a particular morphology of body, such as annihilated body, monstrous body, fetish-body, is brought about. Another aspect of this paper concerns the melancholic sublimation that takes form of kitsch images of pop-culture and serves as a means to overcome a syndrome of total homelessness in the post-postmodern time.


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Slavica Wratislaviensia

153, 2011

Strony od 55 do 71

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