Ґендерний дискурс в сучасній українській літературі

  1. Maria Rewakowicz


Gender discourse in contemporary Ukrainian literature


This paper elucidates the main trends in Ukrainian literary discourse since independence and argues that the contribution of women authors is not only quantitatively substantial but also qualitatively significant both in literary criticism and in belles-lettres. Women critics revolutionized literary scholarship by making it subjective and theoretically challenging. Employing feminist, psychoanalytic, and phenomenological approaches, these female scholars introduced novel modes of reading and literary analysis, and reinterpreted classic works and authors of Ukrainian literature. They were also in part responsible for establishing first gender centers in academia. Women writers and poets, on the other hand, introduced gender issues in belles-lettres, focusing on female subjectivity and advancing progressive attitudes and ideas. Women’s writing is by and large pro-Western and reflects challenges and new conditions facing Ukrainian post-Soviet society.



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Slavica Wratislaviensia

153, 2011

Pages from 633 to 641

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