Тілесність у постколоніальному дискурсі української літератури (на матеріалі поезії «Бу-Ба-Бу»)

  1. Hałyna Żukowska


Body in postindustrial discourse of Ukrainian literature (on poetry of “Bu-Ba-Bu”)


The article analyses bodily semantics, projection of the functional capacity of man and woman body in arts of the literature group “Bu-Ba-Bu,” especially in poetry of Yurij Andruhovych, Oleksandr Irvants’, Viktor Neborak. They pay attention to receptions of carnivalization, masking, parodying, irony and expression in their rhymes. Using stylistic diminutive names for human body, approximation of dissimilar thematic physical and mental field, they ridicule things which were earlier sacral, transmit ironic attitude to reality, make a carnival from high culture of poetry.



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This article

Slavica Wratislaviensia

153, 2011

Pages from 613 to 620

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