Czasopisma Naukowe w Sieci (CNS)

Русская и польская эмоцио- нально-оценочная фразеология (опыт прагмалингвистического исследования)

  1. Андрей Ахметoвич Зайнуьдинoв
  2. Дoрoта Т. Шмидт


Russian and Polish emotional evaluative phraseology (attempt at pragmalinguistic investigation)


The present work investigates the pragmatic aspect of meaning based on Russian and Polish phraseology with positive and negative emotional evaluation. Such kind of investigation helps to resolve various problems with lexicographical marks and create a new improved system of expressive marks. The authors think that the emotional evaluation can be defined with quite objective characteristics. The new type of classification is offered based on GLT (lexical-thematic groups).


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