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Стався і повертав, або як вдало перекладати офіційні документи

  1. Юлія Рисіч-Шафранєц


Stavsja and povertav, or how to successfully translate official documents

The article considers two types of contracts — Contract for the supply of goods and Task-specific contract — in the Ukrainian and Polish languages. Students of the University of Wrocław as well as translators translated both documents. In the aforementioned translations we have noticed distinctive examples of inappropriate content or style of the language into which they were translated. Hence, the proposed article suggests a number of “improvements” concerning the translations and the original documents, based on various transformations, transpositions and other changes made by translators. In addition, the article compares the conceptual structure of the documents, while analyzing their content and style to indicate the most appropriate method of translation.

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Slavica Wratislaviensia

159, 2014

Strony od 387 do 396

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