Nazwy pokrewieństwa i  powinowactwa w  języku czeskim i  polskim. Paradygmat słowotwórczy

  1. Marta Malanowska-Statkiewicz ORCiD: 0000-0002-0824-6748


Names of affinity in Czech and Polish languages— derivational paradigm

The goal of the article is to confront word forming potential for names of affinity in Czech and Polish languages. In the following study the author focuses on base words for names of affinity in both languages (e.g. bába — baba, bratr — brat, dcera — córka, patriarcha — patriarcha, potomek — potomek) and their derivatives. Relationship between base words and their derivatives can be described as aderivational paradigm, which is apattern of relationship between base word and words derived from it directly. Form and meanings of each derivate are shown by the particular paradigm — derivational paradigm specific for each base analyzed word. The analysis of word forming potential reveals that more importaint is what kind of meanings derivates convey. This information comes from typical derivational paradigm, which elides affixes. Majority of source material (represented by word forming categories or other lexical classes) have common meaning, e.g.: expressive names, names of actions or states, names of ancestors and descendants. Polish names also occur as collectives or names of places. The author focuses also on the meanings, which adjectives can convey, which are: subject use ‘derivated adjective expresses subject, when described noun expresses action, state or feature’. Names of affinity can derive verbs, but only in less inflective Polish language. Their meaning is: ‘becoming someone, who is being expressed by the base word’ or ‘causing that someone is becoming someone, who is being expressed by the base word’. This study refers to other, bigger studies, concerning word forming potential of primary names of human being.

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Slavica Wratislaviensia

159, 2014

Pages from 245 to 254

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