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Rossica w tekstach Ryszarda Marka Grońskiego

  1. Michał Sarnowski


Rossica in the texts of Richard Marek Gronski

This article contains the presentation, analysis and typology of the Rossica (cultural borrowings from Russian) in the texts of the eminent Polish journalist R.M. Gronski, the columnist of outstanding Polish magazine “Polityka.” Gronski is famous for his excellent knowledge of the realities of socialism in Poland as well as for his competence in Russian language. The culturological category of Rossica, apart from “ordinary” lexical borrowings from Russian, includes various reflections and resonances of “the essence of Russian” in the form of reminiscences, allusions and direct “incorporations” of Russian precedents (primarily lingual, but also symbolic and iconic). The functions of textual Rossica are defined as stylistic, rhetorical and cognitive.

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Slavica Wratislaviensia

156, 2012

Strony od 159 do 177

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