Фразеологическая компетенция в лингвокульту- рологическом аспекте. Чешский – словацкий, чешский – польский языки

  1. Dana Baláková
  2. Viera Kováčová


Phraseological competence from the linguistic and cultural aspect. Czech–Slovak/Czech–Polish languages

By means of an analysis of the results of socio-linguistic research focusing on the interlanguage (Czech – Slovak and Czech – Polish) phraseological competence, the authors dealt with the so far relatively neglected phraseological aspect. Material basis for this research became the Polish original and the Slovak translation of the work Narrenturm by Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski. The phraseological equivalents extracted from this work became the source of analysis of the ability of the researched sample of respondents – in this case Czech university students, as representatives of the present young generation – to adequately semantically interpret phrasemes of a cognate language (identification of an archiseme).

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Slavica Wratislaviensia

150, 2009

Pages from 25 to 38

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